Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dremel Me This

I decided that I wanted a Dremel for getting crafty with, and the Black Friday sales this year delivered. The deal in my family is that everyone goes through the Black Friday ads together and circles what they want. Then, my mom and I go out and get everything, dividing the cost and putting all the loot under the tree for Christmas. This ensures that we all get what we want that year, with some little extra surprises mixed it.

Since I got my Dremel almost a month ago, but was unable to use it as it was in the present pile, I've had plenty of time to get a stack of ideas ready. One of the things I was dying to make were these Crochet Hook keychains, which my Magic Yarn Ball swap partner has in her wist. I bought some crochet hooks cheap at WalMart to try it out on, and I'm super pleased with the results.

I've only made 3 so far, but I have a bunch more hooks that are going to get the same treatment tomorrow.

Let's Get Crafty

So I've had blogs before, but I always kinda mix and match what's in them. My older one I changed the title to fit my needs, but the URL was still off.. so enter this blog! Just generally a place to dump patterns and pictures of all the things I make. Woo-hoo.