Saturday, January 2, 2010

Challenge: Accepted

So I know it's New Year's and tis the season for setting crazy goals and resolutions that I would feel silly setting.. but.. I've wanted to do this for a while. What "this" is, is an afghan. I'm going to knit, though I had debated making it knit or crocheted, an afghan. Four, to be exact.

My inspiration comes from Julie and Julia, and the idea that someone could set a goal to work through a recipe book within a year. While I know my cooking skills need some improvement, cooking doesn't really hold my attention as well as knitting. I've always toyed with the idea of knitting an afghan, but I was always a bit overwhelmed when I looked at just how many stitches that is. I've bought books in the past of sampler afghans (blankets made of patches of knitting, each patch a different stitch), but I've honestly said I've never started a single patch. I currently, however, feel inspired to create not 20 or 30 sampler patches.. but at least 90. Maybe even 120, if I really feel up to this. No, scratch that, definitely 120. One hundred and twenty twelve inch square knit patches, which I will sew together into four 6 foot by 5 foot afghans.

The stitches that the patches will be completed in come from Super Stitches Knitting, a book my grandfather bought me one day after I practically drooled all over it. There are over 300 stitch patterns in the book, but I'm skipping the super basic stitches, lace and eyelet patterns. The basic stitches for obvious reasons, and the lace and eyelet because I don't really want holes in the afghans. They're meant to be gifted to family in colder climates, so lace isn't really suited for that.

One year, 4 afghans, 120 patches, and probably way too much yarn to justify. Julie, eat your heart out.

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