Friday, January 8, 2010

Late Night at the Office Survival Kit

This year for the White Elephant gift exchange at work, I decided to make something completely from scratch that could be fought over relentlessly. After several brainstorming sessions, I settled on a "Late Night at the Office Survival Kit".

The kit includes various items to help the poor office lacky:
* Starbucks Via for re-energizing
* Candy for keeping sugared up!
* In-n-Out gift card for re-fueling
* Light up sword for protection from creepy sounds


It’s the Vice President of the BU, Thomas Wyatt, there to keep the lucky worker company on their long nights in the office.

I am so glad I found the pattern for Dr. Who. Remove the hair, change the suit, and glasses and BAM! It's my boss. I love the way he turned out. This was my first time making anything that was supposed to be a realistic human and I’m really pleased with the results. I worked on him non-stop, pretty much, from about 8pm until 4am. I still needed to make him glasses and a face when I finally passed out. I was baked.

I had wrapped the box rather nicely and it drew attention, so it wasn't surprising it was the first gift picked. The initial response to the package wasn't exactly what I was going for.. the guy that opened it didn't even read the front, he just tore into it and declared Thomas a Voodoo doll. That didn't make me feel awesome at all.. Other people understood the purpose of the gift and their enthusiasm for the doll helped. Once the guy actually read the front, everyone wanted to steal it from him. It was stolen twice and locked in rather quickly, almost within the first 20 minutes of the game. I believe all the goods were divided up amongst the usual late night workers, a tight knit group of guys that have welcomed me into their silly antics since I joined the team.

Thomas Wyatt (the real one) was a good sport about the whole thing and even posed with Lil' Thomas.

Here are some more shots of the goods!


  1. I love your boss..well the doll anyway :-) what a great gift and glad they finally came around and seen the idea of it..Was a very nice gift for sure..I know I would love it :-)

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