Thursday, February 18, 2010

What an Eye Sore

So I have an eye infection. No, it's not pink eye, it's just an eye infection. It's not a full blown infection, but it's still swollen and unpleasant to look at.  So, I decided to make myself an eye patch. I have some small skeins of Yarn Gang form Loops & Threads, which is a super soft blend of cotton and acrylic, so I thought that'd be perfect on my face. Also, seeing as I have a thing for writing up patterns, here's the pattern.

Eye Sore
Yarn: 1 skein gray Yarn Gang
Gauge: I never really know
Hook: G
Needles: US7

Start out with using the crochet hook and chain until you get a length long enough to be the base for the patch. This will be the tie to the patch, so make sure it fits around your head with enough extra to tie it (I like to tie mine into a bow). Fold this length in half and count 11 stitches to the right.

Switch to knitting.
Pick up 22 stitches from the back of the chain stitches, and work in stocking stitch.
On your knit rows, decrease on both ends.
Work until you're down to 14 stitches, then cast off all the stitches until you have the last one on the needle.
Change back to the crochet hook and chain 15sts, then ss into a parallel stitch on the original chain. Slip stitch into this chain a couple more times for security's sake. Then cut the yarn and attach on the other side of the patch and repeat this on that side.

Hide all your loose ends and there you are! Something to help cover up why you're so miserable.


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