Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pattern: A Knitted Pocket

This pocket is a great sample of basic knitting techniques that whips together surprisingly fast. Your final product is satisfying no matter your skill level, but especially so for beginners.

Techniques You'll Need:
- Cast on
- Knit stitch
- Purl stitch
- Decrease - K2tog
- Decrease - ssk
- Increase - m1
- Cast off has fantastic videos to help you learn any stitches you don't already know, as well as for brushing up your skills. Hooks and Needles also has some great tutorial videos, and everything you need is all together.

Knitted Pocket
Yarn: Vanna's Choice Slate
Gauge: doesn't matter
Needles: US7

The pocket is knit flat and then seamed together. See the picture to the side for an example of what your piece will look like before you fold it.

CO 40
Row 1 & all odd rows: Purl
R2-14: sl first st purlwise, k across
R16: Cast off 20st, k remaining 20st
R18-20: K
R22: ssk, k 16, k2tog
R24: ssk, k 14, k2tog
R26: ssk, k 6, k2tog, m1, k 4, k2tog
R28: Cast off

Fold the pocket in half. Using yarn of the same color, sew the pocket along the bottom, then up the side, then back down the side to hide the end of the yarn in the corner.

Find a button to put on the front of the pouch, using the m1 as a button hole. Sew it on tight and ta-da, you have yourself a knitted pocket.

Marvel in your genius and stuff it full of goodies.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Nested Birds Nests

These nested bowls are prefect for storing all your various knick-knacks and crocheted birds. A great project for beginners, I developed these bowls for a swapper that was looking to pick up crochet.

I've made the pattern available for download at Ravelry, under Nested Birds Nests.

Perfect Slouch

I've always wanted a slouchy knit hat for myself, but I can never seem to manage it. Typically it's because my gauge is too tight with knitting, and too loose with crochet, to follow a pattern. Even after trying to adjust a pattern to my gauge, I run into issues.

With that in mind, I finally decided to do my own thing, using my favorite size hook and needles, and some amazing yarn I've had hiding in my stash.

Perfect Slouch
Yarn: 1 skein Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme - Brown
Gauge: K (17.5st/10cm by 23st/10cm), C (12.5st/10cm by 8st/4cm)
Hook: F
Needles: US7

This hat is made with a crocheted brim and a knit body. I like the crocheted edge because I feel it's less stretchy, whereas a knit body gives it more flop and a more appealing texture. If you can't do a crocheted brim, just do your favorite knit brim with 70 stitches.

m1 - Make 1. I use kfb, but you can use whatever method you want.

Start with crochet.
Ch 71, leaving a 7" tail.
sc into 2nd ch from hook, sc across
turn, sc across (repeat 6 times, or until brim is desired thickness)

This is where it can get tricky for some people. Switch to knitting.
Round 1: Pick up 70 stitches from the crocheted brim. Your first stitch should be the loop from the crochet hook. The second stitch should be picked up from the other end of the crocheted sectioned, joining in the round.
R2: *K4, m1, repeat from * around (84 stitches)
R3: K around
R4: *K5, m1, repeat from * around (98 stitches)
R5: K around
R4: *K6, m1, repeat from * around (112 stitches)
Work in stockinette until hat measures 7" from brim, or until desired length.
R1: *K6, k2tog, repeat from * around (98 stitches)
R2: K around
R3: *K5, k2tog, repeat from * around (84 stitches)
R4: K around
R5: *K4, k2tog, repeat from * around (70 stitches)
R6: K around
R7: *K3, k2tog, repeat from * around (56 stitches)
R8: K around
R9: *K2, k2tog, repeat from * around (42 stitches)
R10: *K1, k2tog, repeat from * around (28 stitches)
R11: *k2tog, repeat from * around (14 stitches)
R12: *k2tog, repeat from * around (7 stitches)

Cut yarn with 7" tail and pull tail through last stitches several times. Tighten and weave in. Sew crocheted sections together with the starting tail.

Place on head and admire self. I did.