Thursday, January 26, 2012

Craft Hope

I don't have a lot of time.. but I wanted to do a quick post about a fantastic charity. Craft Hope. Their current project is collecting handmade hats and bags for kids fighting cancer and other horrible, horrible diseases. You can find more information here: (Linked removed as it seems CraftHope has been hacked and is causing issues.)

If you're interested in making something to donate, there are several great, free, hat patterns out there. 

(The Panda hat is for an adult, but can be modified for a child's size using the body pattern from the Giraffe hat.)

If you don't know how to crochet, no worries! Here's a tutorial I made a few years back: 

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  1. Just got here via the CraftHope blog, and ksdjf;l thank you for offering that free giraffe hat pattern, which I couldn't add to my faves on Ravelry fast enough. I'm working on a bumble-beenie for this project right now, but the giraffe is so next---cutest hat ever. You are awesome to share your designs!