Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giant Version of a Stacking Game Rhyming with "In-ga"

This was the summer of camping and BBQ's for my friends and I. We spent a decent amount of time outside, working on our tans and trying not to get eaten alive by the various bugs and beasts. And of course, I had to figure out a way to bring games into the equation. Enter Giant.. um.. Stacking Tower Game.

The Instructables guide for the giant 2x4 tower game is rather straight forward, but I figured I'd rewrite it in my own words and post it on my blog.

The basic construction is simple. Ready?

Step 1: Go to Hardware Store
One that sells wood, mind you.

Step 2: Pick Type of Wood to Use
I used Redwood, cause I knew I would want the pieces to last and I didn't want to worry about having to stain or seal it. You can use whatever you like, long as the wood is relatively straight/flat.

Step 3: Measure Width of the Wood (= W)
Most wood, say a 2x4, isn't actually 2 inches by 4 inches. (Did you know that? I didn't. It's kinda silly, isn't it?) So! You need to measure the ACTUAL width of the wood you want to use.

Step 4: Multiple W by 3 (= X)
This will be the length of your game pieces, as in this game, you stack a row of 3 pieces perpendicular to a row of 3 below it.

Step 5: Measure Length of Wood Purchasing (= L)
This measure tends to be accurate at hardwood stores, though it doesn't hurt to double check...

Step 6: Divide L by X (= Y)
This calculation will tell you how many pieces you can get out of each length of wood. It'll help you figure out how many pieces to buy.

Step 7: Decide How Many Pieces Your Game Will Need
The table-sized tower game that everyone knows and loves has 54 pieces to it. My set has 63, as that's how much wood I had to buy to get 54 and I figured, why not make it bigger? Doesn't really matter how big your set is, long as the number of pieces is divisible by 3.

Step 8: Buy How Ever Many Pieces of Wood You Need to Get However Many Game Pieces You Want
Yeah, I think that step title kinda says it all... For me this was five 2x4x10 pieces.

Step 9: Cut Your Game Pieces Down to Size X
The bored manager at Home Depot did this step for me, for free :D

Step.. If you Want: Sand Down the Corners and Edges
It'll make the pieces look nicer, and slightly less dangerous to the toes. I invested in a $20 power sander for this task, as the idea of sanding 63 blocks by hand was not pleasant. If you go this route, I recommend getting a cheap paper face mask and wearing goggles. Woo, saw dust..

Step.. Something: Stack the Tower and Play!
This game became a popular game at my office's Friday Parties. We draw a decent crowd whenever we play.

When the tower reaches a certain height, you evoke applause from on lookers. It's definitely nerve racking when the tower is leaning over your head as you try to work a piece out from the bottom.

Make sure you practice a bit before you bring it out in public. It's a bit sad when you're the one that loses the game you made.. 

Watch your toes when it falls!!!!

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