Wednesday, September 19, 2012

GoldieBlox - The Engineering Toy for Girls

Women in Engineering is a heated topic where I work. It's not that it's controversial, it's just that's it's something a lot of people feel very strongly about. Everyone wants more women in Engineering and everyone has very strong opinions about how that should happen. I try to normally keep my dog out of that fight, but here's something I think everyone agrees is a good idea.


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As many of you know, getting girls excited for Engineering young isn't an easy task. Studies have shown that one of the biggest things that effect if/when a girl gets interested in Engineering is when they're exposed to Engineering principles. Sparking interest early is important, and GoldieBlox is the first toy I've seen to try and do this right. It's not just a pink-ified version of boy's building blocks. It's built with a girl's interests in mind.

The creator is raising funds to start her production run on Kickstarter:

Watch the video, read the articles, and please feel free to support this awesome project, via donations or spreading the word. I'm not associated with GoldieBlox at all, I just happened to stumble upon it and think that it's an AWESOME project that needs our support!

I'm chipping in to get a set for my niece, even though she'll have a few years before she gets to play with it. Here's to hoping there will be more GoldieBlox sets to purchase when she's old enough to use them.

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