Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Note To Myself: I'm A Runner

I have the shoes. I have hat with the ponytail hole and built-in sweatband. I have the pants with the little reflective strips. I have the belt with the pocket for my phone and holsters for water.

I don't look like a runner, though.

I've run two half marathons this year and a handful of other, smaller races. I've already registered for two marathons in 2013 and I'm looking for a third. I have medals and race bibs hanging from my bedroom walls. I have goals and times I want to beat for each race.

I'm not fast, though.

I have pictures of treadmill screens on my phone. I've downloaded applications that map out my routes and track my average paces. I can tell you how many seconds, no, minutes I've shaved off my 5k time in the last 9 months (ten). I have a calendar by my door covered in stickers for each day I've run.

I'm not confident, though.

When I don't get a run in for awhile, I miss running. It makes me happy and no matter how crappy I feel at the start of a run, no matter how much I have to push myself to hit the pavement, I'm always happy I ran.

I'm a Runner. Don't forget it.

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