Friday, November 23, 2012

Cherpumple: Challenge Accepted

My friends have a tradition of making Turducken each year for Thanksgiving and this was the first year I was able to attend the event. The organizers of the party requested that I make a dessert as epic as the main course. A Cherpumple.

For those of you that don't know what a Cherpumple is, here's the description from the Wikipedia page:
cherpumple is a holiday novelty dessert, inspired by Turducken, where several different flavor pies are baked inside of several different flavors of cake, and then stacked together.
 The recipe is straight forward enough: Bake 3 pies; Bake the pies into 3 cakes; Stack cakes; Frost the shiznit out of it.

For my pies, I used store bought Apple, Pumpkin and Cherry pies. I baked each as the per the directions on their box.

I bought a 9" Springform pan to bake the cakes in. I just used the box cakes and followed the recipes for each flavor. I put a layer of batter in the bottom of the pan before adding the pies, which fit exactly.

After the pie was added, I put the remaining batter into the pan. The Cherry pie went into Chocolate cake, Pumpkin into Spice, and Apple into Yellow.

The pies fit so perfectly into the cake pan that you can see the crust in each cake, the chocolate best of all.

Each layer of the cake was heavy, and I stacked them chocolate, spice and yellow. After a night of sitting, though, the bottom cake started to leak filling from the weight. In the future I'd likely stack it so the pumpkin pie layer was on the bottom, then apple, then cherry.

I put a generous layer of frosting between each layer. You can see the effect of the weight on the layers already.

I piped generous amounts of frosting onto the sides and top, then smoothed it out to seal everything in.

The next morning we had some leakage in the bottom layer and I used some fondant pumpkin patches to seal them up. Also to just add some decoration.

After we all stuffed ourselves silly with Turducken, I had the honor of trying to slice the cake. It was definitely a balancing act to serve up each slice, but the presentation was pretty impressive.

Each slice was split between 2 or 3 people and at the end of the night, half the cake still remained. Most people tended to like the mix of flavors, though I think most people agreed that it would be better without the pie crust.

Cherpumple was definitely an adventure in baking, construction and consumption, but I doubt I'll make it again. It's fun, but kind of a big sticky mess of wasted food, unless you're feeding 50+ people.

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