Saturday, December 1, 2012

Make Mistakes: The Red Bandito

I can't seem to follow knitting patterns that aren't toys. Scarves and hats and cowls.. I always want to try  some sort of tweak. You think I'd have learned by now.. but no, I shall never stop hacking knitting patterns and making mistakes.

There's a fabulous pattern called the Bandana Cowl from the Purl Bee that I've had my eyes on for awhile. I decided to use my extra skein of Queensland Collection Kathmandu Chunky left over from the Squish-Squash Cable Hat (it's so nice and squishy!) and give it ago. My crazy modifications are below (be warned, they're notes more for myself).

Gauge check is 3.5 st st per inch (on 9's?!) so.. .875 diff times 89 = 77. 875.. Do 79 stitches? 80 for a ribbed pattern?
Based on Konabuck Alpaca Bandana recommendation of doing stitches based on desired finish size, I'm doing 22" x 3.5 st gauge check to get a total of 77, which is close enough to my gauge check I'm going to do 80 total. (Which is funny, because that's what I did for my Squish-Squash Cable Hat).

Annnd then I cast on 84 instead cause I had the extra tail and why not?

k1, p1 for starter rounds instead of garter.

For first decrease round, work for 40 stitches, then do S2KPO.

Worked k1,p1 with decreases in middle (the second stitch you slip for the S2KPO should be the previous result of the S2KPO) until 76 stitches.

Then, k39, wrap, turn etc as pattern till bored (or til there are 48 stitches between your turns).

knit 2 rounds, then put markers at st 16 and then 44 from there (16-5 = 11; 76-11= 65; 65-16-5 = 44).

Did three decreases with 3 rounds knit between them, then the rest with just 2 rounds between. Then 6 rounds of k1, p1 and Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Cast Off.

I'm not sure I actually like my version more or not. 

I'm not sure I'm going to frog it or weave in the ends and try it out on the slopes. Who knows! Maybe this will just be yet another great knitting experiment with no results!

Tell you what, though, taking pictures was sure fun.


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