Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Holy Boardgames, Folks!

So, um, yeah. I'm not sure how many "regular" followers I have on this blog (you lot are awfully quiet in the comments, if you do exist), but maybe you were expecting a post about boardgames today. I say maybe because I've been posting something boardgame related on Tuesdays for a few weeks now (I'm starting to stick to a schedule).

Well, this week that isn't going to happen. Not really. I WAS going to write a post about this awesome farming game (yeah, you read that right), but instead I'm going to tell you about something more awesome.

Gamesareevil.com is giving me a column on their site to write about boardgames. That's right, folks, I'm going to be a columnist. For a real gaming website.

Games are evil is a gaming review/news website that covers, up until recently, only video games. When they posted an advert for more columnists to join their team, I pitched a tabletop games focused column.  Imagine my surprise and excitement when Pete, the site's editor, accepted.

Things are still in the processing stage and I'm not sure exactly when my column will go live, but never fear, I'll be sure to post links about it here. In the mean time, have an awesome week and checkout this awesome teaser photo!

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