Saturday, January 5, 2013

Pattern Mod: Waving Noro Scarf

This year for Christmas I decided I wanted to make another Noro Scarf for my wonderful Sister-in-Law, but wanted something a little more interesting than just a straight scarf. LeethalKnits Waving Chevron Scarf seemed to fit the bill. However, after looking at the projects on Ravelry I decided that self-striping wouldn't work as well in garter stitch.

Enter my mods for the Waving Noro Scarf. I combined the basic k1, p1 pattern of the Noro Scarf with the eye catching wave of the Waving Chevron Scarf to create a fully reversible, wavy, chevron-looking Noro scarf.

Yarn: Cascade Casablanca
Gauge: Didn't bother
Needle: US 6 (4mm)

Okay, so I didn't use Noro to make this scarf. I'm glad I didn't, actually, as Cascade's Casablanca is so much better. The colors are just as vibrant and there's no twigs or knots in the skein. Also, one skein has more than twice the yardage of a Noro Garden Silk ball! That's a bargin.

To make this scarf I alternated two colorways of Cascade Casablanca every other row while basically following Lee's Meredith's pattern for her Waving Chevron Scarf   The only big mods I did was that I followed a pattern of k1, p1 for each row as well, making sure to substitute purl front backs (pfb) as needed for knit front back increases to maintain the k1, p1 pattern.

I made sure to maintain the k1, p1 as best I could at all times. Because every other row changes whether a knit or purl stitch is the first stitch, I had to be mindful of what increases I did every time.

I cast on 34 stitches and knit a starter row of just straight k1, p1 across. Then I worked the pattern row that added the wave. When the wave moved to the right, the row with the sk2p in it was always the 2nd row of a color. When the wave moved to the left, the first row of a color had the sk2p in it.

I worked 5 wave sections, so that when the scarf is folded in half the edges line up. It's a pretty good length, allowing for multiple ways to wear it.

Everyone loves this scarf, including me. I used just over half of each of the two skeins, so a second one is likely to follow with maybe 30 stitches instead of 34.

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