Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm Board Stiff with Ticket to Ride

As I mentioned last week, my board game reviews/posts are moving over to GamesAreEvil.com! They'll be appearing on Mondays, bright and early, under the column title of "Board Stiff."

Yesterday saw the drop of my first column there, where I take a deeper dive into Ticket to Ride to try and introduce all the video gamers over there how to get down with the analog gaming.

Here's a blurb from that lovely post to tempt you into heading over and checking it out!
Adding more players to the game (up to 5 in the original) opens up double routes that two players can occupy simultaneously, cycles the deck more quickly, and makes it harder to complete your tickets. There’s a higher chance that the cards you need get picked up by another player, or the routes you want get claimed by that asshole you were dating at the start of all this.

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