Thursday, February 7, 2013

My Coffee Mug

I have four coffee cups on my desk, and three are holding nothing but dust. The 4th mug is constantly in a state somewhere between empty or full with a liquid of some sort inside. Usually this liquid is coffee, but sometimes it's tea. But mostly it's coffee.

I bought this mug at Target in 2008, when the "Back to School" sales were clearance-ing off all the things that were left. I shouldn't say I "bought" this mug. I'm pretty sure my mom bought it for me, when she helped me move from Colorado to California that September. I had lived away from her before, several times in fact, and once on the other side of the globe, but this was the first time I was moving without a return date.

This post isn't about that, though. This is about my mug.

It's a rather large coffee mug, something you can easily fit a bowl of soup or cup of instant ramen into. It has a nice big handle and I can easily cup it in both hands to absorb any warmth it's contents might give off. The plain white outside of my mug is covered in what can only be described as paint splatterings, the colors a mix of my favorites.

A background of a dark navy blue, hints of brown peaking out from one edge. Then, increasingly brighter globs of blue until you have bits of summer sky on top of the midnight blues. The real thing that makes me love this mug, though, is the single blob of bright orange right in the middle of all this blue. It matches the inside of the mug, which is entirely orange, and is most definitely my favorite color.

I'm not going to post any pictures of it, that would defeat the purpose of this exercise.

This mug has moved with me from my first real adult job to my second, real adult job. It stands out in the breakroom, a splash of chaos in the dishwasher tray, tucked in among the starch standard white of the company provided coffee mugs.

I hope I always have this mug.

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