Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Board Stiff with Carcassonne

After last week's dive into the hardcore worker-placement game Tzolk'in, I decided to slow it down a bit and look at a game that should be on every gamers shelf: Carcassonne.
That’s really all there is to this game. There’s no hand limit because there’s no hand, there’s no trading, no money, just tiles and meeples. Every turn in Carcassonne you draw a random tile and then connect it to one already played. Sometimes you get a tile that works with the city or road you’re trying to build, and sometimes you get a tile that can only go in two possible locations, both of which hurt you more than help. Either way, you have to place the tile you draw. You’re only limited to where you place the tile by the roads and cities drawn on it. Roads can’t end at the edge of a field, they have to go someplace, and cities aren’t completed if they have an edge without a wall. Cloisters simply need to be surrounded on all sides, but what surrounds them, as long as it’s legally built, doesn’t matter.
Head on over to GrE to find out what exactly makes this game a classic.

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