Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Board Stiff with Nuns on the Run

This week I wrote about Nuns on the Run, which is a game about being Novices sneaking around in a Nunnery at midnight. It's a lot of fun, pretty silly, and is basically capture the flag in a Nunnery. So, there's that. Look! A Blurb!
You read that right. Aside from the guards, everyone else’s moves are kept secret. Novices keep track of their locations by making notes on their own sheet of paper. As far as the Nuns, and the player playing them knows, everyone’s tucked into their beds and dozing soundly. The game starts with this being true enough, and then the Novices get the chance to blitz out of their cells and run as far as they can go before the old ladies get started on their rounds.
Go read the full post here!

In completely unrelated news, I've been making things! Things that I said I would make like.. a year ago. Sorry about that, Internet. But, the good news is that these things are awesome, and there will be many tutorials about them coming soon. Sneak peek!!!

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