Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Board Stiff with Kickstarter

If ever a falser statement was made.. I can't ever be bored with Kickstarter. It is the reason I haven't paid off student loans, truth be told, and now I'm going to try and spread that joy to you.
Today’s article is going to come in two parts, both revolving around the world of Kickstarter. The first bit is about how to find and back games on the site, where I’ll give you stuff to look for on the project pages. The second part of the soapbox today will be about putting your own projects on Kickstarter. I haven’t posted anything myself, but I can rant offer suggestions about what is good and bad to have on your project page, as well as any things you might need to be prepared for.
Click over to GrE to read up on how I find the newest and greatest games coming out from Indie Developers and big companies alike.

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