Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Board Stiff with Story Telling (and Backlogs)

First thing's first. This repost is a bit late, as I spent most all of yesterday driving through Wyoming. But I'm in Colorado now, enjoying the beautiful May weather...

Yeah. That's snow. I escaped the freezing cold of my mother's house and found safe harbor at a local Starbucks. That's not what this post is about, though! It's about Board Stiff!
Dear minions, 
It has come to my attention that your performance as of late has been.. concerning. The dungeons look clean, the moat has ducks, and last week I heard a prisoner describe the food as ‘decent.’ This kind of shoddy workmanship in our line of business is appalling, and frankly, rude to our enemies...
You can finish reading all about the Dark Overlord's disappointment over at GamesAreEvil, where I take a look at Aye, Dark Overlord.

Second thing – I realized looking back that I didn't post two of my Board Stiff reviews from March.

Seasons and A Few Acres of Snow are two of my favorite games right now, and they both bring some unique features to the table. Both use selective card drafting, or deck building, and both are games where you're battling against your opponent(s). In Seasons, you're a wizard casting magical items and familiar to best your enemies. In A Few Acres of Snow, you take on the role of the French or the British in the American theater of the Seven Years War. I recommend both completely, so head over and take a look at Seasons and A Few Acres of Snow.

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