Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Board Stiff with Deck Builders (Dominion & DC Deck-Building Game)

Apparently I'm still readjusting to my recent lack of a schedule.

Last week over at GrE I kicked off a series on deck-building games, starting with the new classic: Dominion.
Dominion, designed by Donald X. Vaccarino and published by Rio Grande Games, was the first card game on the market that introduced the concept of players building their decks during the play of a game, rather than separate from it. It is the diversion that coined the phrase “deck-building game” in the first place and can be blamed almost entirely for my addiction to this hobby.

Following that up, this week I took a look at one of my new favorite games, DC Deck-Building Game. What it lacks in good title, it makes up for with clean and simple play.
DC Deck-Building Game, henceforth, shall be named… (drum roll please) Superheros That Aren’t Owned By Marvel Deck-Building Game Because Marvel Already Came Out With One And DC Needed To As Well. Just rolls off the tongue. Game designers, I’m available for freelance title suggests anytime. 
Maybe I should start to talk about the game.

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