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Crochet Pattern: Baby Owl Hat

I have a new niece!!! Her name is Emma Irene and she's pretty freaking cute, if I may say so. She's got dark brown hair like her mommy and dark (probably) hazel eyes like her mommy and she's also pretty chill, like her mommy. Her big sister isn't too sure of her yet (cause she takes after her daddy), but Miss Natalie is warming up to the idea of having a kid sister.

Over the last couple of years I've knit Natalie a few hats, all of which her parents have kept in preparation for their 2nd little one. Right now Natalie's favorite hat is an owl hat someone bought her for her first birthday. I decided it would be pretty adorable is Emma had a matching one for some cute family pictures, so I whipped up my own version. I introduce the Baby Owl Hat.

As always, I present this pattern to you for free with the understanding that it's mine. Mine, I tell you! Do not copy or sell this pattern, or the hats you make with it, without my permission. This pattern is for personal and charity use only. Kthx.

Techniques You'll Need:
- Magic Circle
- Chain (ch)
- Slip stitch (ss)
- Singe crochet (sc)
- Half-double crochet (hdc)
- Double crochet (dc)

- Crochet in Spirals & Rounds
- Increase
- Decrease
- Stitching

Extra Things You'll Need:
- Stitch marker
- Darning Needle

Baby Owl Hat
Yarn: Bernat Satin Solids in Fern (top color), Flamingo (bottom color), White (eyes); Bit of scrap yarn in black, orange, and another color for the flower
Gauge: Bernat Satin Solids : 15dc x 5 rows = 4 inch x 4 inch
Hook: US G (4.00mm)

My second niece, whom this was made for, has a rather large head, just like her big sister.  She's only a week old and there is a selection of newborn outfits that no longer fit her. I made the hat with a little bit of room for her to grow, so I'd say it's a potential 3-6 month hat... maybe a 2-4 month? Try to keep that in mind. I'll present the pattern the way I made it, feel free to make modifications for the other sizes, just keep in mind gauge.

The body is crocheted in the round, using the dc stitch.

With the top color yarn:
R1: Using the Magic Circle technique, sc 6 into the ring. Mark your last stitch.
R2: 2dc in each stitch around (12)
R3: *dc, 2dc, repeat around from * (18)
R4: *dc 2, 2dc, repeat around from * (24)
R5: *dc 3, 2dc, repeat around form * (30)
R6: *dc 4, 2dc, repeat around form * (36)
Cut the yarn, but don't bind-off.

Switch to bottom color yarn.

Now for the mindless bit.. dc in a spiral until the hat measures about 5" from the starting point of the hat – 3" from where you changed colors.

To add the ear flaps, lay the hat flat with the round's beginning a bit off center, to the left. The spot where you changed colors is going to be covered up by one of the eyes, so keep that in mind when positioning the hat. For my hat, I folded it so that the end of the round is 9 stitches from the edge.

Work around the hat once more with dc stitches, but don't do the complete round. Stop 3 stitches or so from the end of the round and then make the first earflap.

Ch 2 and turn.
Dc 10 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 9 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 8 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 7 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 6 across. Ch 2, turn.
Ch 1, hdc, dc, hdc, hdc, sc

You've made the first ear flap! Now you're going to add some trimming. Single crochet down the side of the earflap, continuing in the direction you're already facing. Once you get to the body of the hat, continue single crocheting across the front for 12 stitches. Now, time to make the second earflap.

Dc 12 across. Ch 2, turn.

Dc 10 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 9 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 8 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 7 across. Ch 2, turn.
Dc 6 across. Ch 2, turn.
Ch 1, hdc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc
Ch 1, turn.
Ss 5 and then start single crocheting down the side of the earflap. Continue around the back of the hat and up the other side of the first earflap. Cut yarn and bind off at the end of the first earflap. Then, attach yarn at the bottom of the un-edged side of the second earflap. Single crochet up the side, cut yarn and bind off at the end. You should now have a earflaped hat with a nice clean single crochet edge.

Owl Eyes
Make 2, with white:
R1: Using the Magic Circle technique, sc 6 into the ring. Mark your last stitch.
R2: 2dc in each stitch around (12)

Cut yarn, leaving a 8" tail and bind off.

Using black yarn, embroider lashes onto the eye. Use the picture for reference.

Once both eyes are made, make sure your starting end of white and the black ends from the lashes are secure and tucked behind them. Whipstitch the eyes into position using the photo for reference. Make sure you cover up the color change!

Owl Nose
Make 1, with orange:

Ch 2, turn and 2 sc in the 2nd chain from hook. Ch 1 and turn.
2sc in each stitch. Ch 1 and turn.
2sc, sc, 2sc.

Cut yarn leaving a 8" tail and bind off. Whipstitch nose on, centered between eyes, using photos as reference.

Owl Ears
Make 2 with top color.

Dc 6 into a magic circle
2dc around (12 stitches)
Dc around
Dc2tog around (6 stitches)
Hdc, sc, ss, tie off with an 8 inch tail.

Use the tail to whip stitch the ear into place, using photos as reference.

Make one, with 2 contrasting, "flowery" colors. (You don't need a lot, scraps should do.

With contrasting color, ch 2, 5 sc in 2nd ch from hook. John with ss to first sc. Cut yarn.
Attach main flower color.
[(ch 2, 3dc, ch2) into the same sc, ss to the next stitch.] Repeat for all 5 stitches. Cut yarn, leaving 8" tail.

Bind and tuck all ends of the flower and then using the long tail, whip stitch it onto the hat.

Cut 2 4" pieces of yarn from each white and your top and bottom colors. Do a simple loop knot at the tip of each ear with one of each color. Pull tight to make sure it's secure. 

Place on adorable baby and let the "AWwww"s begin.

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