Knitting Patterns

Here are all the free knitting patterns I've posted on this blog!

As always, I present these patterns to you for free with the understanding that they're mine. Mine, I tell you! Do not copy or sell these patterns, or the items you make with them, without my permission. These patterns are for  personal and charity use only. Kthx.

Lil' Giraffe Hat

Everyone needs more Giraffes in their lives.

When little Miss Natalie out grew her first Giraffe hat, Auntie Tiffy was to the rescue with a new version that will grow with her! This adorable hat is knit with a lot of stretch to grow and can be easily modified to fit all sizes of Giraffes!

Little Pumpkin Head Hat

For when you need your Little Pumpkin to keep warm.

This toddler size beanie is a slight twist on a basic hat to give that extra bit of cute. Featuring wide ribs and a curly stem, this hat will definitely get you into the Autumn mood.

Squish-Squash Cable Hat

A handmade twist on a store-bought style.

Inspired by a hat I saw in a store, this squishy cable hat uses chunky yarn to knit up warmth for your head fast. With a long brim you can wear this hat multiple ways and for extra flare add a pom-pom!

Since making this hat I've seen several different versions, all store bought, but mine still reigns supreme. I've even had people ask me where I bought it :D

Not So Stoned Stoner Hat

This hat is for when you just want that well-worn hat look without waiting for it.

The Not So Stoned Stoner Hat is a basic knit beanie with a bit more room for that messy hair and don't-care attitude.

The original was so popular it's been stolen many a time by friends and friends of friends!

Vintage Rose Ear Flap Hat

A classic pattern for a classic look.

This pattern is for a basic, no frills, seamless earflap hat. It's easy to embellish and make your own, or keep plain for that classic look.

The Perfect Slouch

The Prefect Slouch is for when you just don't want to mess with that bed head.

My first hat pattern, the Perfect Slouch provides the snug fit of a crocheted brim with the flop of a knit slouch. Whip it up and have a lazy hair day!

Knitted Pocket

A perfect pocket for when you need some extra storage.

This pocket is knit flat as one piece and then sewn  into shape. It's a fast knit and a great project for beginners to experts!
What an Eye Sore

When I had to have minor surgery on my eyelid, I whipped up a few cute eye patches to cover up the stitches. This is a quick knit for when you need a patch fast, for either costumes or real life!

Small Scarfs

I made these scarfs for a family Christmas photo one year for the dogs. They're great for quick knits and look great!

Bailey's Checkered Scarf - Christmas Scarf

Ichi's Cabled Scarf - Christmas Scarf

Alex's Wavy Scarf - Christmas Scarf