Sewing Tutorials & Patterns

Here's a list of all the random little sewing tutorials I've posted on this blog.

Lining Knit Wear: Natalie's Stocking

This is a pretty thorough picture guide to lining most basic knitwear. In the guide I line a Christmas stocking for Miss Natalie.

Yarny Project Bags

Everyone needs something to carry their knitting in!

This tutorial shows you how I make my awesome knitting bags. The bags feature a unique zipper that allows you to zip the bag shut and still knit with your skein in the bag! How awesome is that?

As always, I make sure there's lots and lots of pictures on how to do everything.
Lined Dice Bag

Dice dice everywhere!

This drawstring pouch is fully lined and perfect for carrying your dice to your next dungeon crawl.

I use lots of pictures to try and make every step as easy as possible!